Photo Credits go out to this amazing photographer and wonderful friend Mark Abushady, Thank you for everything!
BIANCA: She is a sweet girl, looking for her furever home, she is a year old.
MASON: He’s a sweet boy, he is a big love bug, he is 3 years old.
BOOKER JR: He is 4 years old, with the right person he would make them a wonderful companion.
TINA: She is a very beautiful girl, and shes 4 years old, She is very rare for being a female ginger.
BIG PEANUTS: He is a very sweet boy, and very loving,
and he is waiting on his forever home, he is 6 years old.
BOOKER: He’s a very sweet boy, he’s deaf, he is 6 years old.
TOMMY GIRL: She is 5 years old, She’s a very sweet cat, she is one of our originals from our very first building! Also Tommy girl would love it if you would come visit her and her sister Piecies, who unfortunately is not adoptable. Tommy girl is hoping soon she will find her furrever home.
BUNNY: She is a very sweet girl, with very exquisite colors, She is 6 years old.
JACK: He is an old soul, he is a sweet 6 year old, he is another original, from our first building, He is looking a furrever family, he has a sister named Jill who is also at our rescue who sadly, is not adoptable. ADOPTED
CLIFFORD: He is a very big beautiful sweet boy, his brother Mogley was adopted.
CLOWNY: She is a very sweet cat with very unique cat,
She is 3 years old. ADOPTED
KING LOUIE: He is a very sweet boy, he is very loving, affectionate and also very vocal, Louie is a 5 years old. King Louie has FIV.
“He is a unique white cat, with very interesting eyebrow markings on his forehead” Words that we’re spoken by our wonderful friend Mark Abushady.

OUR SWEET OLLIE, GOT ADOPTED TODAY! We hope you have a long wonderful happy life!

OLLIE: ADOPTED!!! HE is a very sweet boy, He is 3 years old,
his brother Peanut was adopted.
Now he hopes it’ll be his turn.
Clifford and Starr with there best buds, Clownie and Jack! UPDATED, JACK WAS ADOPTED!!!
She is 7 years old, she’s a sweet girl, she has been in our rescue since a young kitten, she is hoping she finds her furrever family soon.
ONLY TWO OF these 3 are adoptable, But these three are such great friends, Our beautiful ginger girl Tina, Bella, (Black and White) Carrie (NOT ADOPTABLE) WHAT a wonderful trio!
BANDITT: She’s a little over a year old, her sister Midge and brother Gummy Bear, we’re both adopted, and now she’s hoping it’s her turn now to find her furrever family. ADOPTED!!!
ANGIE: Is a friendly girl, we believe she is about 2 years old. ADOPTED!!!
STARR: He has FELV, He’s a young boy, He is a year and a half old, He’d make someone a wonderful companion, to someone with out any other pets, Maybe this loving boy is for you?
LILLY: This sweet girl is a year old, she is very loving and affectionate, and searching for a family she can call her own!
BELLA: She is a good girl, with a sweet attitude to her, We are unsure of her age, and she is another original from our very first building, She would be good with someone who is willing to work with her, who will show her the love and affection that she always longed for.
BRANDY: She is 2 years old, she is a very beautiful cat with amazing colors.
JUDA: He is 4 years old, He is a very sweet boy who is very loving, He is with our foster mommy, and is waiting for his furrever family.
WINNIE: She is 4 years old, She a very sweet cat, and she’s very loving, She always runs to people to get some love, she is in desperate search for a furrever home.
PISSER: He is a very sweet boy, with a pretty unique attitude, He’s a adoptable, and very friendly, but there’s just one down fall about him, He pees on a lot of thing’s, but maybe if he had someone to work with him and help him re-learn the litter box, We are hoping he won’t do that anymore, He is 3 or 4 years old.
GWEN: She is very loving, and she absolutely love attention, She is 2 years old.
WHITE FACE: He is an older boy, We are unsure of his age, he just got his teeth done, He is very friendly.
LITTLE PEANUT: He is 3-4 years old, He is a very beautiful boy, It’s amazing how him and Big Peanuts look alike, NO relation there though! He is waiting for his furrever family.
LEON: He is a very sweet young boy, he is about 8-9 month’s old, and is waiting to find his furrever home.
12 week old female, had her first shots, and has been tested and tested negative. ADOPTED!!!

ATTENTION: Up and coming:

3 week old buff and white male, not ready to go yet! Application and vet reference apply!
3 week old black and white female, not ready to go yet, but will be ready soon! Application and vet reference apply! UPDATE: ADOPTED


This sweet little fellas name is Nathan, he is 5 weeks old, and he’s eating on his own, along with his other siblings!
BLANCH and her sweet 5 little ones, who are for upcoming adoption. They we’re born last Sunday on Father’s Day!


Edna is a sweet little girl, who is almost ready for adoption, she is 10 weeks old! She’s a very sweet girl!

THIS SWEET BOY IS 10 weeks old, he’s almost ready to be adopted, he’s very sweet and loving, he gives out so much affection!

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